Could God Have Used Evolution? (Part 2)

   “How could you be so arrogant to say that God could not use evolution?  I have a degree in Biology and know that evolution is a fact and that all scientists believe it!” 

   Last month we begin a mini-series of articles related to possibility of God having used evolution as His creative process.  The above quote was just one of many that I have received over the years from people who believe it is very reasonable to believe that God simply used evolution as His means of “creation.”  Therefore, they conclude that there’s no reason to doubt evolution and we can be quite content in believing in both the Bible and evolution.  As we mentioned last month, this view (often referred to as “Theistic Evolution”) admittedly seems on the surface to be a great solution to the apparent tension that exists between the Bible and what the majority of scientists believe regarding the origin and development of life.  However, as we’ve pointed out in previous articles, things that seem plausible on the surface often turn out to be riddled with insurmountable difficulty upon further investigation.

   We started the series with an introduction to this issue and mentioned that we would subsequently be delving into two sub-topics: (a) Biblical problems with Theistic Evolution, and (b) Scientific problems with Theistic Evolution.  This month&rsquo ...

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