Could God Have Used Evolution? (Part 3)

   This is the final article in our 3-part series.  In the first article we took an introductory look at the concept of what is called “theistic evolution” - the belief that God used evolution as His “creative” process.  Many people seem to think that this is the perfect solution to the whole creation vs. evolution controversy.  Last month, in Part 2, we reviewed a few biblical problems with this view and this month we will take a look at a few scientific issues.

   On one hand, some might say there aren’t any scientific problems with theistic evolution for the simple reason that whatever scientific barriers might exist, they can be overcome by the fact that God is all-powerful.  In other words, it’s primarily a matter of looking at the concept of naturalistic (or atheistic) evolution in general and anywhere there is a significant problem, we just insert God’s creative power. 

   For example, atheistic evolutionists have a very hard time legitimately explaining how you get something out of nothing (i.e. the origin of the universe).  No problem for a theistic evolutionist, because he or she can just simply call upon God at that point to get the ball rolling.  Then God is free to go back to doing whatever it was He was doing in the first place, because natural law can take over from there.  Then when there are problems getting the first stars or galaxies ...

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