Crossing Lines

   Jesus led by example.  This was certainly true when it came to discipleship.

   We find a picture of this in John 4.  Here we find a “lesson within a lesson” in regard to discipleship.  Here we find what it means to “cross lines” in this world-changing, outreach work.

   Jesus intentionally “crossed lines” by going into forbidden territory to talk to the Samaritan woman in this story.  He was a Jewish rabbi who we find conversing with someone who was considered to be an outcast--both as a Samaritan…and as a sinful woman.

   What is equally remarkable is the message Jesus shares with this “least likely” foreigner.  Early in His dialogue with her, Jesus speaks of “living water” (vs.10b)… and a “spring of water welling up to eternal life” (vs.14b).  Jesus is sharing Gospel hope to this one who had no merit of her own.

   Then Jesus created a “crossroads” in the conversation as He said to this confused, yet curious Samaritan woman-- “Go, call your husband” (vs.16).  Now the woman is forced to confess the adulterous sin within her life (vs.17a)… of which Jesus was already fully aware (vss.17b-18).

   Now this women is aware that this man whom she is talking is more than a Jewish stranger…but a “prophet” (vs.19).  ...

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