Why is there so much disagreement in the Church?

“In Acts 15, especially verses 2 and 39, we learn that there was a great deal of disagreement in the early church. Why was that, and Why is There So Much Disagreement in Today's Church?”


   There has been disagreement within churches right from the beginning because despite every effort a church founder or founders may put into establishing a church, they are only human and humans are imperfect and therefore their institutions and “creations” are imperfect as well.  Every church Constitution and by-laws are put together by imperfect humans and are basically the interpretation (right or wrong) of their own ideas and thoughts on biblical principals. Quite often there is an emphasis on one particular Scripture or tradition that they may put as a standard for their particular denomination or church.

   My mother used to say it like this: “every church or denomination has their own little pony that they ride.”  I kind of like that description. There are differences in Baptism, there are differences on the gifts of the Spirit, there are differences in Communion, etc. -- but those areas are not as crucial as when a church turns its back on God’s truth and the Gospel and the church begins to determine what is right and what is wrong morally outside of God’s word.

   In Mark 7:13 we read, “And so you cancel the word of God in order to hand d ...

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