What is the Difference Between the work of the Holy Spirit in one's life and the work of a person's conscience?

I believe God placed in each one of us the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. This is what conscience means to me in a general sense. Conscience is that internal voice that tells us that a decision we are about to make is wrong or right or perhaps in the case of the believer, does it honor God or not. While this is a God-given attribute, it is not in and of itself the work of the Holy Spirit.
We can however, and should, ask the Holy Spirit in our prayers to lead, guide, and direct us in our decision making. We should also pray to the Holy Spirit for protection from evil and evil thoughts as well as strength in the face of temptation. But whether we seek the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit in these ways or not, we will innately know a sense of guilt when we are doing something that is wrong, or at least the vast majority of people do.
We should however, be aware that the broken nature of humanity is such that we will all inevitably sin and fall short of honoring God with the decisions we make. Moral depravity is part and parcel of human nature since the fall that is related through the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden. We have been gifted by God with free will but we do not have the mind of God. Because we do not have the mind of God, we make poor decisions at times about what we do and what we dont do as Paul says in Romans 7, I do what I hate and cant do what I know I should. Whats worse, besides the struggle all humans have with a ...

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