The Purpose of Job's Suffering


“What do you feel was the purpose of God allowing such calamity to fall on Job? Was it merely to prove a point to Satan?”



 The book of Job is a mighty interesting book in the Bible. Here, we have this very upright - and from all apperances - a very “good” person that follows God’s laws.  His name is Job. He is rich in earthly goods, happy, religious, and has a wonderful family.  Everything is going well for Job, kind of like living the “American Dream” -- until his life comes crashing down around him!

   We read that satan had been standing before God, pointing his finger at God and accusing God of protecting Job. Somehow, satan convinces God to allow him to put Job to the test.  Satan believes that Job will curse God if he takes everything away from Job and God allows satan to do this.  But this raises some interesting questions.  Did God Allow Job to Suffer Just to Prove a Point to Satan? Why Should God Care What Satan Thinks?

   It almost sounds “mean” of God to allow such a thing.  First of all, all we can do is speculate because nobody can possibly know the mind of God or what other circumstances may have existed that aren’t given in the story of Job. But here are some thoughts... Why would God allow Job to suffer, when he was such a will ...

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