A Story of Forgiveness

   The following which you are about to read is an amazing story.  What makes this story even more special is that this story is true, and even more special is the fact that this is my story. The hands that pen these words have and do give an account of something truly amazing.
   I started out my life in what many would consider a broken family, and justifiably so. My mother was, and is, the hardest working woman I have ever met. My dad was also a hard working man; however, he was also an alcoholic.  He was truly addicted to alcohol. Dad was not the type of alcoholic that simply drank a few beers, became tired, and fell asleep. It could be fairly and rightfully said that my dad was a raging alcoholic. Fueled by his addiction, my mother, under the fear of not only her own life but the life of her children,  made the decision to divorce my dad. After the divorce, my mother remarried a much kinder man. My stepdad was a hard worker that loved my mother as well as us children. This new change in our lives brought a sense of normalcy and safety. We no longer feared for our lives, but alas my sister and I were still a handful despite this new umbrella of security. 
   I was nine when my mother remarried, but my memories  retained the visions of our “former” life, memories of the likes I would not wish for anyone to recall. As a child I never really kn ...

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