Jonah's Revived Preaching

   A new lease on life; for some people who survive a near fatal event in their lives, they are changed for the rest of their lives, while for others, they just say they were lucky and keep living the way they always did.  Perhaps for you, it was not as dramatic.  All you know is you were heading in a disobedient direction and somehow God got ahold of you and now you are going in the complete opposite direction.  You want to serve the Lord no matter is asked of you.  
   Jonah’s near death experience and three days inside a smelly, water-drenched belly of a big fish got his attention and now he was willing to fulfill God’s will that was presented to him several days earlier.  He traveled the 550 miles (900 kilometers) to Nineveh, the center of Israel’s enemy to preach a message of turn to God or die!.  Remember that it took over a month to get to his destination, plenty of time second guess what he was doing and turn away from God (Jonah 3).
   Not this time.  Jonah arrived and spent three days preaching away.  It took three days because the city of Nineveh was that big (over 13 kilometers or 8 miles around the city).  The inside wall protecting the city was over 12 meters (50 feet) wide and 25 meters (100 feet) high.  This city was extremely well fortified but when the king and the inhabitants heard God would destroy them, they quickly repented, turning to follo ...

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