Jonah’s Anger

   Has God ever asked your opinion?  Through the years in ministry, God has never come to me and requested my opinion on His will or whether He should be merciful or harsh on others.  Of course, I have often given my opinion to Him, always being mindful that He should extend His mercy and grace to me, while truly dealing firmly with others, giving them what they really deserve to teach those disobedient sinners His justice.
   Jonah felt that God had been too gracious and merciful to a group of people Jonah despised.  In fact Jonah made it clear the reason he did not want to travel to Nineveh was for the reason of exactly what happened after he preached to the Ninevites.  They repented and God was compassionate, merciful, slow to become angry and would not destroy the Ninevites (Jonah 4: 1-4).  
   That is simply not fair, God.  Here I am working extremely hard for You, being obedient, trying to honestly and sincerely following Your will - wondering sometimes if I am making any difference in the world with being obedient - and from my perspective, You bless and are giving them a lot of grace, mercy and blessings!  Ever feel that way?  
   Jonah sure did and I have also felt that way many times too.  You work to do everything right.  Then someone else comes along and they receive finances you sincerely need and possibly recognition that they did little to earn. &nb ...

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