The Common 'S' Hook

   The common “S” hook is named after its appearance, since it’s shaped like an “S” -- open or closed at the ends.  Applications of the “S” hook in everyday life are the block-and-tackle, construction-site lifts, and dog chains.
   The “S” hook is used as a connector or facilitator between two ropes or woven metal cables.  Another common use is as the sustaining part of an anchoring system upon which items are hung, fastened, or built.  In order for an “S” hook to be used, it must be connected to a solid, closed hook-eye anchor at one of its ends, even if that anchoring eye is a significant distance away.  The attachment procedure is for the “S” to have one of the two ropes or cables inserted through that anchor eye before being extended to fulfil the task at hand.
   In our walk with the Lord, the anchoring hook eye represents God the Father, who governs from Heaven; and Jesus Christ represents the “S” hook connector that connects his Heavenly kingdom directly to us.  The reason for this special direct connection because we are God’s special creation; created in the very image of God, as stated in Genesis 1:27: “Then God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish…and over all creatures…’ So God created mankind in His own image, ...

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