WILD is Raising Up Leaders, Meeting Needs in Africa

Complimentary Story

   Wise Intentional Leadership Development (WILD) teaches leadership development from the Christian/biblical perspective to all ages.  WILD’s target audience is young people and there are several reasons for this target.  First, over half of Africa’s population is 25 and younger.  Secondly, the Christian Church in Africa does not actively pursue developing their younger people.  Part of the reason is culturally, older people are considered leaders while younger people are not.  Additionally, Islam is targeting the African young people, from building schools offering free education to providing the funding for college students to pursue degrees that will place them in opportunities of influence in their societies in the next 20 to 25 years (like lawyers and politics). 
   WILD has divided Africa into five regions.  In three regions WILD currently has ongoing training and development actively occurring through nationals from those African areas.  In each of the three regions, WILD has established a WILD regional director and in each of the ten countries, WILD has established or is establishing a National team from that particular country.  All nationals except one are volunteers.  The WILD focus is biblical leadership development. 
   One of the regions is west Africa, from Sierra Leone to Nigeria.  Due to the Ebola crisis in west Africa and the fact that WILD’s regional director, David Mulbah, is a physician’s assistant who has his own medical clinic in Monrovia, Liberia, WILD is teaming up with David to do something very tangible to help fight this crisis that is going on in Western Africa.  Many of the people we work with there in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast are impacted greatly.
   David has shared that a faucet bucket for water/chlorine mixture will kill most of the ebola virus and greatly reduce the spread of the disease.  The government has mandated all people to have these buckets; however, the price has skyrocketed with the demand.  The poor cannot afford it.   The cost of the buckets/faucet/chlorine is about $12/bucket (USA).  
   According to information provided by David on hand washing, hand washing enhances sanitation and reduces infection with the virus. This means in an epidemic area, continual hand washing with bleach and good sanitation minimizes or lowers the chances of transmission of the virus. Because the spread of the virus is mainly through physical contact of touch (hands are the most common means of contact).  It is very necessary to keep hand washing as primary preventive method of the virus. According to experts, chlorine bleaches are the mean chemical solution that weakens or kills the virus outside the host.
   As David shared, he requested, “Everyone to help them, as they are dying in numbers. A bucket with a gallon of chlorine bleach given to every home, especially the people in slum communities, will minimize the transmission. Please we need you stand by us in this fight, there is no time for doubting anything we can do to prevent this dreadful hemorrhagic virus.”
   Even though WILD’s main ministry is focused on teaching leadership development from a biblical perspective, this is a crisis that is directly affecting our teams, their families, friends, and communities.  This is our opportunity to be the body of Jesus Christ and minister in a very physical way that will bring hope to the hopeless.  At the same time, it will provide a means to bring Jesus Christ to the poor people who need to know Him.  Our teams will follow-up by teaching leadership development with those we can help in this way. 
   Any funds collected should be sent directly to WILD and we will send it directly to our Coordinator in Monrovia, Liberia.  Checks made payable to WILD can be sent to P.O. Box 662, Rhinelander, WI  54501.   You can also go to the WILD website (www.wildleadership.org) and offer a gift through Paypal.  Also, if you are unfamiliar with WILD, I would be very willing to sit down with you and share about WILD’s ministry and the impact WILD is having in Africa. 
   Please pray for West Africa regional coordinator David Mulbah and his family; Liberia National Director Moses Kerkulah and his family along with the Liberian WILD team; Sierra Leone National Director Patrick Fofuna and his family and the team he is assembling; and Ivory Coast National Director Blaise Dadie and his family and the national team he is assembling. Ivory Coast is just to the east of Liberia, so Ebola is knocking on their door.

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