Rhinelander’s WILD Developing Christian Leaders in Africa

Complimentary Story

   In late May and early June, WILD (Wise Intentional Leadership Development) traveled to the countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Liberia.  Along with Marty Aubol, Chairperson of the WILD International Board, located in Rhinelander, I as WILD Director spent three weeks working on the continuing growth of WILD in Africa.  Here are some excerpts from this ministry opportunity.  
   During the first week, “enthusiasm and excitement” described WILD’s first ever training in Rwanda.  Bishop Augustine and his church team were so gracious.  Rwanda is full of warm, caring people who greatly desire to develop in their faith and own the vision of training their people in leadership.  Just 20 years ago, genocide prevailed in Rwanda.  Today the streets of the capital city of Kigali bustle with activity.  Rwanda has beautiful landscape and our time with the Rwandans was very   enjoyable.  They are excited to be a part of WILD.
   One of the interpreters who translated what the WILD Ugandan team and I shared to the Kigali audience shared this:  “We are short of words to express our gratitude for having you in Rwanda. You guys were legible epistles in the real sense of the word.  The unity, mutual respect and complementarity among you in ministry plus other virtues spoke for themselves. Mike, Team leader, thank you for the confidence you have in your disciples. It was the first ever for some of us seeing a manager who feels secure to sit back and watch his subordinates do the job to God’s glory.  Most leaders would go for it all to get the credit. I  shared the leadership material with University students last week and the impact was evident. Maybe you would like to meet them when you return. May the lord keep you going even to greater heights. It was a privilege to interpret for you in Kigali.  Bless you all.”  -Richard
   During the second week, WILD was focused with key personnel while in Uganda.  Before getting down to WILD work, we took a little drive to the source of the Nile River, in Jinga, Uganda.  The sign is the point where the Nile River begins and Lake Victoria ends.  You can get out of the boat to stand on a little island (water was high so you were standing in about 4 inches of water) and stand by the sign.  Along the way fields full of sugar cane were about ready for harvest.  The countryside of Uganda is rather beautiful!
   For three days, south central Africa Regional Director Henry Mukonda (Zambia), east Africa Regional Director Edward Baleke, west Africa Regional Director David Mulbah, board member Marty Aubol, WILD Communications Director Christine Jesse and I prayed, reviewed, evaluated, and dreamed about WILD for the next 20 years.  In    assessing spiritual leadership, the Directors know of no other ministry that targets young people in their regions in this training.  WILD is very unique.
Prioritized Focal Points from the  Regional Director’s Meeting in Kampala, Uganda
   1). Within the next 5 years, establish the WILD International office with the needed personnel to allow the office to function well to allow the other   areas of WILD to flow well.
   2).  As the International office is being  developed, the next focus area is the regional offices.  WILD divided Africa into five regions but the focus is on the three existing regions to provide funding and direction to have these offices fully functioning.  
   3). Summit 2015 , next July in Uganda.  
   4). Develop U.S. national contacts for fund raising and have Regional offices and the National offices also raise funds for WILD.
   The final leg of the trip focused on getting to know and help develop the WILD vision in three west African brothers, Michael from Nigeria, Patrick from Sierra Leone and Blaise from Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).  They joined in on the training the Liberian WILD was offering to people from a number of counties (provinces) in Liberia.  In addition, Marty and I stayed with them during the week to have WILD discussions. 
   Africa is now well represented and these three leaders believe in the WILD vision, are now WILD National Directors and planning trainings to their own people during the next year.

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