Rhinelander's WILD Ministers in Nepal

   From November 10 to 25, Tym Sauter (a board member of Headwaters Christian Youth) and I traveled to Nepal to reestablish the WILD team and renew WILD’s vision along with some teaching and training of the WILD material.  During the trip Tym blogged which offered quality insight to our time there.  Here are excerpts of Tym’s blog (firemongrul.blogspot.com) telling the story of our days in Nepal
   Mon 17 -- One thing that I started struggling with when we first got here was that there seemed to be a lot of time during which nothing was scheduled. I spoke to Mike about this on the second day. I told him when I was writing my blog posts that it felt like I kept saying that we have a bunch of down time.  He told me that is a very common feeling and he wasn’t surprised that I was feeling that way. As Americans we want to fill our time with a schedule of events and a nailed down itinerary, especially when we are working. 
   Since Mike and I are here working I felt like every day should be well planned out and that we would be accomplishing goals and objectives every day.  I was assured that we were accomplishing what we came here to do.  Life is much more relational here than at home. At home we judge success by what we did, here we judge success by the relationships we forge and the friendships we make. 
   Wed 19 -- Yesterday we started teaching the material we cam ...

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