From Secondary to Primary

   Christ was on a mission when He came to earth. There is no room to debate that His primary mission was to bring salvation to sinners (Romans 3:23-24). The cross defines this reality!
    Yet Christ had a secondary mission for those last three years of His earthly life. He came to “make disciples.” Indeed, before His first sermon…before He forgave His first sinner -- Jesus called His first disciples (Matthew 4:18-22).
   Interwoven throughout His ministry was the training of those disciples. These ordinary men would become extraordinary messengers for Him after His planned ascension back to heaven. Being His “witnesses” would become their primary work -- with the aid of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8).
   Many disciples were invited. Yet, it was extensively a core group of twelve that would carry on Christ’s work. This was Jesus’ “small group” ministry that served the purpose of “disciple-making.” These were “students” in training.
   When one reads the Gospels we find this “thread” interwoven with Jesus’ teaching and miracle-working ministry. The outcome was planned -- these men would be convicted that Jesus was the unique Lord and Savior (John 20:30-31). Yes, these disciples would have “life in His name”…and more. Their lives would be given for His name.
   What is ...

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