WILD Ministries: The Need is Now!

  What happens to the Church in Africa and Asia affects the Church here in the West and what the Western Church does, certainly affects the Church in other parts of the world.  I do not know if you agree with that statement but with the opportunities that Wise Intentional Leadership Development (WILD), has had over the past 10 years, it is true from our experiences.  
   There is a great crisis going on in the Church across the world and definitely revealed in Africa.  That crisis is the developing and discipling of our Christian young people to become solid Christians and specifically Christian leaders.  Current research from East Africa indicates that older Christian leaders are not adequately preparing the younger Christian people (ages 15 to 35) to become the spiritual leaders needed not only in their churches but in the marketplaces.  Being a spiritual, godly leader does not just occur in church; impact of spiritual leaders is needed in all aspects and sectors of society.  
   Perhaps two of the main reasons why older Christians are not intentionally developing the younger Christians for leadership is leadership from a Christian perspective is not a priority and leadership equals serving others.  If you want to be a leader like Jesus then you have to be willing to represent Jesus well in all aspects of your life and a servant just like Jesus.  That is a tough assignment and certainly not a gla ...

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