'Able' Disciples

   There are certain qualities that every disciple needs to possess. These elements for success were evident with the first ones chosen…as they are for disciples in our postmodern culture. All of these qualities end in “able.”
   To begin with, all disciples need to be “reach-“able.” This means that a personal connection is attainable. In the original plan, it was Jesus Himself who “reached” out to each of His “students.” When it comes to “disciple-making” (Matthew 28:19a) -- established disciples need to do this “reaching.” This is “eyeball-to-eyeball,” “hand-to-hand” connecting. 
   A second quality is “teach-“able.” This is a vital element for any “student.” Here we can apply a connecting quote -- “When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear.” Here we also include characteristics like -- motivated, undistracted, willing to grow, etc.  Using Jesus’ first disciples as an example, we also need to remember that we need to set aside first impressions when it comes to this quality. And patience in the process is also valuable.
   Now we consider “transform-“able.”  This role involves a radical life change. Consider the example of Peter. Here was a rough-on-the-edges, temperamental fisherman who was destined to be a primary me ...

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