Battery-Powered Flashlight: Diverse but Essential

   There once was a tale of a flashlight that lived in its Master’s tool box.  What was unique about it was that all the parts could talk.  “I am the most important,” said the bulb filament, “because I am the one that shines and everyone depends on me.”  The batteries immediately shot back in unison, “We provide the power; so we are more important than you”.  “Oh Hah,” snarled the outer housing, “Without me, none of you would stay in line and work together; so obviously, I am more essential.”  The small but always touchy switch declared, “Without me there’s no power and no go.  As the conduit I am the best, because none of you could work to fulfill our master’s plan if I didn’t switch you on.”  Judgmentally yet uniformly all the parts agreed, “None of us see a use for the transparent lens since it is just show without ‘real’ function.”  
   The debate heated up to where the batteries were about to explode, the light bulb filament was almost burning through, and the touchy switch was ready to short circuit and forever quit!
   Steps were heard and all the parts became silent when their owner rattled through the tool box where the flashlight lived and picked it up.  Their owner was overheard saying in a hushed and reverent tone, “Thank you, Lord for the flashlight Yo ...

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