Global Outreach Ministries Reaching Muslims with the Truth of Christ

   Today there are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world, 2 - 5 million in America alone. The subject of Islam is in the news daily, and is rapidly and steadily changing our westernized culture.
   It is imperative for Americans in general and Christians in particular, to become fully aware of this religious ideology and its ramifications. Most importantly, in order to effectively share Jesus with Muslims, one must accurately understand the teachings of Islam.
   Global Outreach Ministry was founded by a former Muslim from the Middle East. Our mission is to share the truth about Islam with the Christians and the Gospel of Jesus with Muslims.
   With an extensive background in theology and multiple languages including Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek, our founder, Mr. Shad B. Ali is uniquely qualified to compare and contrast the teachings of the Bible with those of the Quran, considered the ‘holy book’ of Islam.
   Global Outreach works through street evangelism, presentations, and written publications. We equip Christians to face the challenges of Islam in our culture, as well as enabling them to share the Truth of Christ with Muslims through relationships and friendships.
   Our founder’s fascinating conversion story, his experiences living as a Muslim, facing unusual adversity, and witnessing miraculous events inspire and motivate his audiences to a deeper understanding of t ...

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