Rhineland Ministry Touches Malawi

    From throughout the countries WILD ministers, we receive testimonies of what God is doing through this ministry.  The following is from Amon Mwanza, the National Director for WILD Malawi.  
“WILD has impacted my life in various ways. Firstly, after having gone through the character studies of some young biblical characters as presented by the material from level one, I have discovered that God used them to impact lives of their day. One such person is none other than Joseph. He was a young man filled with honesty, obedience and the fear of God. I have indeed been challenged by these lessons and my life has totally been transformed! 
   However, I am not the only person who has benefitted to the ministry of WILD, but my Church too is no exception. My Church leaders have also benefitted a lot from the lessons beginning with those from my former Church and the latter. This impact has also affected other churches which have benefitted from the lessons we conduct country-wide. Many young people have shown keen interest to the lessons especially the Youth Leadership Material. 
   The goodness with the WILD Material is that it encompasses all of the leadership problems faced not only in the Church but the secular world as well. This is why WILD needs to be supported. I am very honored and privileged to be part and parcel of this life transforming ministry and it brings hope to the young generation which ...

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