Missionaries to the Preborn to join in nationwide demonstration

302 N. Jackson St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 11:30 am. to 1:00 pm
Milwaukee is the site of a nationwide demonstration. Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans in over 250 cities will take to the streets to demand that their states DEFUND Planned Parenthood of all tax-payer dollars. The release of sting videotapes showing the callous disregard for human life by Planned Parenthood representatives as they sell body parts of the murdered preborn to the highest bidder has shocked the nation.
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has 22 locations and operates 75% of the surgical abortion deathcamps in our state. Last year, 6,462 babies were murdered by abortion in Wisconsin. Since 1973, an estimated 506,181 innocent boys and girls have been aborted in the dairy state. From 2013 to present, Planned Parenthood received a minimum of $37 Million from the taxpayers during the Walker Administration. Nationally, Planned Parenthood had a record income of $1.3 Billion in 2013. According to national reports, Planned Parenthood receives 45% of its income from American taxpayers.
"Governor Walker, we would like to see some honesty come from you and your administration," said Storms. "Rather than signing token legislation such as the 20-week regulation bill, we would like to see some actual 'bold' leadership from you and the GOP - defund Planned Parenthood, declare the abolition of abortion in Wisconsin, and uphold Wisconsin's anti-abortion statute 940.04 in defiance of the federal judiciary.&nb ...

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