WILD Holds Leadership Summit in Africa

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article was written by Abi Harder, who was involved as an intern this summer with Wise Intentional Leadership Development who traveled with WILD to Zambia and Uganda.) 
   This was an opportunity of a lifetime for me to be able to travel, experience the lives others, and see how God is working through WILD in Africa and Nepal. My eyes have been opened to different needs and the lives of those I met have impacted my own in a profound way.   I didn’t know what to expect or why I needed to be here. I’ve never really been the one to want to travel across world or do anything much outside of the regular everyday life. When I began the internship in May, I was excited about the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in school to a real life situation and to learn about other people in different cultures. I never knew how much it would change my own life.
   During the first two weeks we were in Zambia and Uganda we met with the national teams to discuss what they have been doing to help grow WILD and to hear their needs. Both teams mentioned that they would like to get land for offices and training centers as well as purchase vehicles to ease transportation needs. WILD is rapidly growing in Africa and having these things would help them take the training to the next level.  It was amazing to see how many personal sacrifices were made to keep the training going. There are leaders usin ...

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