The Reign of Terror

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   Many, including some in the Islamic faith have little or no knowledge of the objective of Islam. In all lands where Christian churches and cathedrals have stood, the Moslem’s notorious history shows them seized and turned into mosques. From the Islamic foundation, their goal was to conquer the world, and have only the Koran as the rule book. The historical precedency of conquests, massacres, and the demise of Christians in the path of their Islamic Reign of Terror reveals the continued process of their exploitative design. The history written in Christian blood is a proven record of their long-standing intent. 
   One would have to stick his head in the sand, or be completely illiterate not to identify the continuous conquering evidence, subjugation, and destruction in the line of movement of Islamic conquests. 
   What is ‘their reason’ behind this appaling carnage and mayhem? In their Koran, there is a standing ‘Declaration of War’ against the Christian nations. Sura IX: “Fight against those who believe not… until (1) they pay tribute, (2) admit subjection, and until (3) they are brought low.” Here again, many Christians and many Moslems do not understand that ‘Allah’ in the Koran is NOT the god who Christians have in the Holy Bible. The Christian God is the Father of His ONLY SON, JESUS CHRIST; and “Neither is there salvation in ANY OTHER!” 
   Their Koran explicitely states in Sura 109:3-7: “I worship NOT that which you worship; Nor worship you what I worship. And I am NOT going to worship that which you worship, nor will you worship what I worship; for you have your religion and I have my religion.” 
   The Canon Law in all Moslem schools discusses the treatment accorded to all ‘infidels’ who pay tribute. The infidel has the right to live as long as it is convenient to the Moslem state. On condition of paying tribute. If they refuse, they are killed, and the killer can claim the surviving women and the property. 
   An official Islamic prayer that is used daily wherein killing is sanctioned. In part: “…In the name of Allah the compassionate, the merciful! O Lord of all creatures! O Allah! ‘Destroy the infidels’ and polytheists, thine enemies, the enemies of the religion! O Allah! Make their children orphans, and defile their abodes! Cause their feet to slip; give them and their families, their households and their women, their children and their relations by marriage, their brothers and their friends, their possessions and their race, their wealth and their lands, as booty to the Moslems, O Lord of all creatures!” 
   According to this prayer, which is translated directly from the Arabic, TO KILL, to plunder and to defile the Christians are not only legitimate, but OBLIGATORY!
   All the massacres listed etc. are fulfillment of this prayer, which the ‘faithful’ have themselves executed. The most terrible commentary upon the moral influence of the Mohammedan religion is the complacency with which even the educated and intelligent Moslems regard these awful and revolting deeds. They have no qualm of conscience in befriending the ‘infidel’ while scheming his demise! They quietly infiltrate into a land in ‘sheep’s-clothing’ until the pack is sufficiently enlarged or empowered and then the wolf is revealed and unleashed upon the unwary lambs. The story is the same everywhere: the Moslem penetrates an area using mild, soothing words assuring confidence of their peace-loving nature, and then at some premeditated fixed hour, pleas of mercy are met with the sword. Many times they promised their victims that no harm would come to them all while planning their demise! Even American Missionaries under mutual agreements suffered the same brutal treatment. Their Canon law supercedes agreements.  American hospitality and expenditures encourages, promotes and strengthens their premeditated endeavors! 
   The question imposed, at this juncture, is, “What is America to do about a religion that gives its adherants  a license to kill the very hand that feeds it?” 
   There were no professing Moslems in the Christian heritage of our foundational structure. It didn’t blend them, and can’t blend now. 
   Toleration was demanded by the diverse “CHRISTIAN” denominations as a necessity of American life. Many factors converged to make ‘Religious Freedom’ the foundation of American Christianity. This religious freedom had no bearing on a freedom for a foreign god. It was not American Mohammedism, it was American Christianity. ALL people were free to come to America, not to change it, but to Pledge their allegiance to it!
   Listed below are just a few of the atrocities that have been perpetrated by the Moslem Reign of Terror from the duration of the seventh century through our present age:
   In a brief span of ten years, (622-632) by the Meccan prophet Muhammed, founder of the Islamic faith and father of the Arabian nation. In 629 the struggle began and did not cease until the name Muhammad had replaced that of Christ on all its Cathedrals. In 635 Damascus, Antioch and others fell.  In seven years (633-640) the entire country was subdued by the Moslem conquests. At one time Christianity spread over all of North Africa and up the Nile. However, in the year 639 A.D. Mohammedism conquered Egypt and they continue to dominate the land. 
   Justinian built the ‘Church of the Virgin’ in the West part of the Temple area. In 637 the Mohammedans, under Omar, took the city. He seized the ‘Church of the Virgin’ and made it the Mosque of El-Aksa. 
   The famous Jewish Temple site, or Solomons Temple site was seized and there the Dome of the Rock mosque was built by Elmelek in 686. Its called the Mosque of Omer. 
   In 705 Al-Walid seized the Cathedral of St. John The Baptist and converted it into the mosque of Damascus. 
   Constantine built the Church of the ‘Holy Sepulchre;’ his mother Helena built the Church of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives.  Abbot Modestus built three churches on this site. In 936 all three were burned to the ground by the Mohammedans. 
   In 1009 Al-Hakim demolished several Christian Churches in Jerusalem… Including the ‘Holy Sepulchre.’ 
   In a fiery speech at Clermont in Southern France on Nov. 26, 1095 A.D. Pope Urban II Urged Christians to ‘enter upon the road to the Holy Sepulchre, wrest it from the WICKED RACE and subject it’ to themselves! Here again, if the Moslems were considered WICKED and felt “Deus Vult” by this Pope and the Christians throughout Europe, might not America take note of history?
   St. Sophia was once a Christian Cathedral. It was originally built by Constantine the Great in 325 A.D.  In 1453 it was seized and appropriated and now celebrated as a mosque. The Christian emblems were removed and destroyed. The Great Cross on the summit was removed and the crescent moon symbol took its place. 
   The conquered Christians who were not slaughtered were given a new status, that of second class citizens under a covenanted obligation to pay tribute which comprised both land tax and poll tax. Humiliating restrictions were imposed upon them, and they were to erect no place of worship. 
   Also, under the Caliph  Ahmed, 40,000 black slaves were supplied from Africa to all Moslem lands. 
   The capture of young children, girls for their harems, has also been an ongoing occurance in their nefarious ways.
   From 1822-1895 innumerable thousands of helpless victims of both sexes and all ages have been massacred, especially the Reign of Terror in Armenia. 
   Why have these Christians of all races successively been attacked and prostrated, and why wont it cease?  Because no ‘infidel’ has a right to live in a Mohammedan state except in subjugation -- which means not simply submission, but inequality and humiliation, and in many cases if the Christian does not instantly abjure his faith in Christ he will be mutilated and killed. In 1895-96, tens of thousands of helpless, defenseless Armenian Christians were slaughtered all in the line of the history of Islam. 
   Two other views of their own Mohammedan people: A Moslem cannot embrace Christianity without risking limb and life. Their own women are degraded -- they are believed to have no souls, and when they get to paradise they will continue to be slaves of men! 
   One note about their founder Mohammed -- his first wife kept him from committing suicide. His second wife was a mere child of seven, yes 7 years old. They put people in jail here in America for child abuse; and the Bible is very explicit on what should be done. 
   I need not go further with the exploits. The recent history is common knowledge. In the midst of viewing these colossal longstanding and appalling oppressions to tens of thousands of innocent people murdered in cold blood, villages and cities laid waste by Moslems in the name of Allah can there be any doubt that America might ought to take heed? 
   One further note: Patrick Henry said, “I am not a Virginian, I am an American.” This is the Land of the Americans. Moslem land is over yonder. People here pledge their allegiance to America. Christians came here to be free, not to bow down to a foreign god, or regime. All of who came here would suppose to give an oath on the Holy Bible that they would be faithful to America….”
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