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Complimentary Story
  Recently WILD’s three Regional Directors and Mike Prom met in Uganda to develop the Regional Directors’ positions and the National Teams found in the twelve countries where WILD has a ministry presence.  The following observations are from two of the Directors.  
   From Henry Mukonda:
   I would like to share my observations and views on this year’s Regional Directors’ (RD) meeting in Kampala. One of the responsibilities or the RD is to know the vision of WILD and to explain it to the National Directors (ND) and the entire region. This was seen in the following ways... These points are indicators that the ministry is growing towards  intended goals”
1). The insights: Each RD came to the table with great insights concerning the ministry of WILD. It was not just to do with the countries.  They came from but the whole region and indeed the continent. This is a helpful point because everyone is thinking the same. 
2). The openness: The exercise of sharing one’s strengths and weaknesses brought a lot of openness to the table. This increased trust and team work. I believe that this is the way it should be, being open to one another promotes accountability and teachability.
3). The inspirations: The items that were on the agenda were good and inspired the RDs. The items focused on the growth of the organization. The discussions were inspiring as everyone came on board positively.
4). The unity of purpose: The RDs and the International Director demonstrated the unity of purpose. The concerns that came from my region were well discussed with much passion. Everyone was concerned and shared their points of view. This applied to other regions also.
5). The organization: This year’s meeting was well organized. The agenda was flexible, the items were interesting and specific to the points.
   From David Mulbah:
   The meeting went well -- more acquaintance, deeper relationship building, fellowship, eternalizing the values of WILD; more so with it impact on hundreds of pastors, lay leaders, and thousands of Christians in Africa.  The meeting gave us the essence of synergism, and add significance to the vision in whole new ways. It is opening up and widening our abilities to see the big picture of WILD. The emphasis to grow WILD was viewed again from the top- because we are as “supervisors,” should have the “SUPER VISION.”
   Again, the vision of WILD is compellingly great in Africa, even amidst the many challenges. We are grateful to the International Director and Board for total commitment to the process. Your sacrifices to see us fully capacitated and developed for the work of Christ is viewed as a work only rewarded by God.  As we sat discussing, my personal lessons learned in this meeting are as follow:
1). That the vision started with God’s priority, therefore all leaders in WILD need to keep their motives and directions pure, and focused. 
2). Connecting to the vision bearer’s identity is an imperative that must fit in and match the desired fulfillment to serve. 
3). That each Regional Director sees and dreams bigger, sees the vision as God sees it.
4). Each of us keep the eternal value of the vision and continue to impact the eternal destiny of thousands, and consider also the physical impact to hundreds of ministries in Africa in a whole new way.
   I have come to learn in the ministry that our commitment to share the vision of WILD underscore the need to understand that the goal of WILD is more important than our roles.  Serving as a team member enables us to see the big picture correctly, and empowers us to prioritize well.   

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