From the Bondage of Homosexuality to Freedom in Christ!

Complimentary Story
   Freed, filled and on fire…
   Mary Jenna was born in Georgia, a middle child in a traditional Catholic family. She grew up surrounded by loving parents and loving (most of the time) brothers. In her young adulthood, MJ began a long-term relationship with another woman. Although MJ was saved in her early 20s, complete victory over same-sex attraction was a process for her. MJ praises God for redeeming her life and freeing her from the spirit of homosexuality that was keeping her from really knowing and serving Him. 
   Now MJ serves in the deliverance ministry, Refuge Ranch, where she first found her freedom from homosexuality. No longer deceived by the lies of the world, no longer drawn to living for the empty promises that Satan offers us through boundaries that lie outside of God’s Word, MJ is freed, filled and on fire!  These three words describe the ministry that MJ Nixon is blessed to serve under and they very aptly describe this redeemed Sister in Christ. 
   MJ tells how the Refuge Ranch ministry, based in South Carolina, has equipped her to “lead, direct and inspire men and women to walk freed, filled, and on fire for the Kingdom of God.” In Georgia, where she lives and serves through a satellite chapter of Refuge Ranch, MJ explains her day to day ministry as an opportunity to “mentor people of all ages from youth to adults, lead a leadership team; and organize weekly meetings where worship, prayer and deliverance can take place.”
   Her official ministry work is impressive, but her daily witness is equally inspiring and challenging to those who know her. Constantly praying for and seizing opportunities for divine appointments, MJ is an effective mouthpiece for our Lord Jesus. In addition to witnessing in her local community, various TV and news venues have featured her testimony and ministry work. Her passion for evangelism and her love for telling the lost of Jesus’ love for them is contagious as you listen to her recount story after story of divinely orchestrated meetings she has had with people of all walks of life, of all colors of skin and in venues that range from TV station waiting rooms to her favorite local Mexican restaurant to a gas station she might happen to be at. MJ sees every place, but more importantly every person, as an opportunity to share about Jesus. 
   Inspired by God, MJ has written a book of poetry, Uprooted Heart - The Journey Back Home, that through prose and Scripture, details her journey out of homosexuality and into the freedom that the Lord always intended for her to walk in. The book was written from “a place of pain when I was searching myself and even had thoughts of returning to my prior relationship,” MJ explains, “but through this searching, God led me to seek Him and His deliverance.” You can read excerpts and order your own copy at 
   Never one to sit still, but always looking for ways to advance the Kingdom, MJ’s current project is a video documentary “following both men and women whose lives have been redeemed from same sex attraction into a place of wholeness and living for who they truly are in Jesus.”
   MJ hopes that the LGBT community will hear the message that “any sin requires that we deny ourselves.”  She says, “I understand the emotion, attractions, and feelings; but I’ve also met with the truth of who God says I am.  I had to come to the place that denied the lie that said ‘this (homosexuality) is my identity.’” She also has a message for the Christian community, “that we would recognize we are a bridge from God to the LGBT community. Starting off conversations by telling others they are going to hell doesn’t reach anybody.”  She continues, “I’m a person who will never compromise on the truth, but I believe that Jesus meets you where you are and wants to use Believers to show others who He is.”
   If you’d like to contact MJ to be a speaker at your church or venue, you may email her at 
   MJ’s testimony is a beacon of victory to those currently enslaved by homosexuality and is also a challenge to those of us Believers who are called to go and share Jesus with a lost world. She has a heart that understands how the cords of sin can entangle, but that desires victory for all. 
   Her uncompromising faith doesn’t meet an obstacle in compassion toward the lost, but rather finds an outlet. She truly is freed, filled and on fire!

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