The Three Greatest Threats We're Facing

   There is a lot of evil in this old world.  The bad news is endless, and it seems our society here in America grows darker and more Godless with every passing day.  Many remain optimistic. They look forward to many good things, and “making America great again.”  
   No doubt, we HAVE seen some good in the past year.  Just the very fact that President Trump has removed the wicked idols of Islam from the White House and brought back the prayer to the one TRUE God of heaven is a VERY good and positive thing.  Yet evil still reigns in our land, and blood runs in our streets daily.
   If I had to identify the most evil threats we are facing as a nation and world, I could easily narrow it down to three primary points. You see, there is nothing new under the sun, and Satan only HAS a few tricks.   And he and his demons have been using these things in an attempt to destroy everything Godly, righteous and holy since time began and the serpent and his demons were cast out of God’s presence.  It seems in these last days, all three have arisen again, more ugly and more vicious than ever — determined to utterly kill and destroy every one of God’s people and everything good and sacred.
   First on the list is the demonic deception of homosexuality. I ...

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