When Are Christians Going to Care About This?

   I am wondering, today, how much more of this LGBTQP+ NONSENSE we are going to tolerate before church people, pastors and church leadership will FINALLY speak up about this demonic and deadly deception that is raping the minds and hearts — and stealing the souls — of our young people.  When are CHRISTIANS going to CARE about this?  When are CHRISTIANS going to fight back?  Or are we just going to roll over and let the devil have his way with our communities, our culture and our kids?

   Sadly, MANY pastors and church goers are not even aware of the extent of what is REALLY going on all across the country and the world — and right in their own back yards in some cases.  Not only that, but if they ARE aware, they remain absolutely SILENT on the issue;  pastors refusing to properly teach and preach on the subject, and therefore the people are left to make up their own minds.  And having no input whatsoever from their “spiritual leaders,” and most not bothering to read their Bibles for themselves anymore either — most people are making their minds up based on what is popular in the media.  Exactly what the devil had hoped for.  Sheep without shepherds, tossed to the wolves, following the vain imaginations of their minds, with their “moral compass” being whatever “feels” and “sounds” “nice.”  We are SO lost.

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