Remaining Faithful Through Persecution in 2019

Many people suffer from depression this time of year, and I believe it has a lot to do with memories of Christmases past, and maybe a little trepidation regarding what’s to come as our calendars turn over, yet again.

   As Christians, we see the chaos in the world and continue looking up for the blessed hope of our Savior’s return.  But still, He tarries, not willing that any should perish.  The Great Harvest is coming, but God’s people have been asleep at their post.  Instead of occupying until He returns, standing our ground and being the salt of the world,  it seems the vast majority are only concerned about their own salvation, and instead of praying, sowing and reaping souls for the Kingdom, all we do is just “look up,”  waiting for Jesus to come for US.  

   I’ve been a bit sad myself.  You see, it’s now been 12 years since we were able to spend Christmas with my parents.  Both passed away in 2007.  One night in March of that year, my Dad was rushed to the emergency room with blood pressure problems.  He didn’t know then that he would never return home again.  Within four months, he was gone from this world.   Four months after that, my Mom followed.  I miss them, especially at Christmas time.  How they loved our kids — their grandchildren.  I wish they could see how they’ve grow ...

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