How Well Do You Know the U.S. Constitution? Take the Quiz: Test Your Knowledge!

   Do you know your constitutional rights?  Do you know them well enough to teach them to your children or grandchildren, or defend them in a debate?

   Americans are getting stripped of their rights one by one, simply because many of us haven’t been taught to know or defend them. The U.S. Constitution, however, is the foundation. It provides the tools needed to secure a free future. 

   Take the quiz provided below to test your own knowledge of the U.S. Constitution:

1).  The phrase “We the people” in the preamble indicated the Framers understood governmental power was derived from...
• Pure democracy.
• The consent of the governed.
• A bicameral legislature.

2).  According to the Constitution, in what form of government was America established?
• Democracy
• Monarchy
• Constitutional Republic
• Oligarchy

3).  True or false: According to the Constitution, children are not allowed to pray in school.
• True
• False

4). Executive orders give the President the power to:
• Make law that congress won’t pass.
• Change parts of the law that Congress has passed.
• See to it that the laws Congr ...

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