Be Good Stewards in Your Giving

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

    The Bible has plenty to say about how we are to conduct ourselves financially. It is unfortunate that as God’s people we do not always heed His advice or obey His commands in this area. Since starting our ministry at Alive Ministries USA, we have been blessed that we have been small enough that we have not needed to rely on donations because we have had little to no overhead doing online and one-on-one ministry. However, that changed this past year as we began to grow and when we volunteered to go to the Dominican Republic on a short term missions trip. As a disabled minister, I knew that I did not have the finances, nor the means to attain them. I knew this was going to require that I accept help, and I knew God would provide. This process has brought to mind a few passages that demonstrate that the laborer is worthy of his wages. It also makes me think that it must be difficult to run a ministry of any kind when financial contributions come in sporadically, instead of faithfully. I have heard it said often, and seen in it the church myself, that budgets are not built only on the thousand dollar gifts, which are needed and greatly appreciated, but on the regular, faithful contribution of gifts that may be of lesser amounts but which make up for it in consistency of faithful giving. 

   I was thinking how much harder it must be for a ministry such as this newspa ...

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