A World Turned Upside Down

While debate continues to swirl regarding the genesis of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) there is no doubt every person has been impacted in a significant way.  Many aspects of the response stem from a world that has turned its back on God.
In brief fashion, consider the priorities established by Governors and municipalities around the country.   In many states, churches have been barred from meeting in person.  They are “non-essential.”  Yet, for some odd reason, liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries have been declared “essential.”  Why is it that allowing 10 or more people to walk through the doors of the church is wrong, but allowing scores to walk into other establishments is okay?  What message is sent by this? 
It is shocking that the church which carries a message of eternal life is barred from meeting while abortion centers which destroy physical life are allowed to stay open.  While it is deemed “okay” to go into the clinic to kill one’s baby, its against the law for concerned individuals to stand outside (even while “social distancing,”) to hold a sign or speak a word of objection.  It’s shocking for numerous officers and squads to be dispatched to ensure the killing continues, while the handful of those pleading for life are told to “go back home” and “follow t ...

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