The ‘Non-fast’ Fasting of Ramadan

   We interrupt our study of “Allah, the God of Perhaps” to address this very important topic of Ramadan. Muslims claim they fast during the month of Ramadan, which is one of the lunar months. A lunar month is around 28 days. That is why the month of Ramadan comes about two weeks earlier each year than the previous year. Muslims claim it is the best month of the year because Mohammed received his Qur’an during that month. In Qur’an 2:183:  183O, “you who have believed, siyam (fasting) is decreed to you as it was decreed to those before you, perhaps you may fear.”

   Fasting during Ramadan is one of the pillars of Islam and is obligatory for every male. Females, except during their menstruation time, and all those who are sane and have reached puberty are also obligated to fast. Infidels, on the other hand, cannot fast though they will be punished in the next life for not fasting. Sick people who take medicine and those who are apostate Muslims cannot fast. Seven-year-old children must be ordered to fast, and they will be physically beaten if they do not fast at the age of ten (child abuse). 

   Pregnant women or women breast-feeding their children may omit the fast and make it up later.  Thus most Muslim females will not be able to fast simply because of the monthly bleeding or the many children they bear. That’s why Mohammed declared that they have less religi ...

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