Time to Protect Our Liberties and Fight For Prosperity

   As a responsible Wisconsin taxpayer who has a passion for economics and sincere interest in our government processes, I have observed our great state of Wisconsin make moves that left me dissatisfied and wanting more from our government officials.  The decisions of our current leadership is not only putting our state in economic peril, but it is risking our future as well. I want to see Wisconsin thrive now and in the future, but sitting back and doing nothing isn’t going to protect our liberties, effect changes that will allow our citizenry to flourish, and put our people on the path to prosperity. That’s why I’ve chosen to campaign to be the next Governor of Wisconsin.

   I often rely on my Christian faith to guide me to make choices that are right for me and my family — and when it comes to government, we have been given the tools to succeed if we only use them. Currently, we are facing a global pandemic that is putting our state and our country on the brink of an economic catastrophe. The fear that has been instilled in people is leaving many paralyzed into submission and our current leadership is making reactive choices with long-stemming consequences.

   This virus is real, but the threat level as told by the media is not. How we handle it is what is going to be the difference between rising out of this mess with prosperity or sinking into a pit of despair. We need to make respon ...

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