One Good Way To Spend Some Of The Money Congress Is So Eager To Print Up

   NOW, HEAR ME OUT — patiently, please, with all reflexes in check for the duration. I’m not saying — or even suggesting — anything at all about what did or didn’t happen. And I’m certainly not pointing any fingers. Nor am I assuming or suggesting any greater likelihood of possible responsibility — if any responsibility is to be found at all — in one quarter or another.

   But it is a simple, indisputable fact that several countries do have bioweapon programs. It is also a simple fact that aspects of the appearance of COVID-19 and of the narrative management that followed that appearance are thought-provoking to the sort of mind in which thoughts can be provoked.

   IN LIGHT OF THOSE TWO POINTS, and in recognition of the fact that the world has a powerful interest in preventing all preventable pathogenic outbreaks, I propose that part of Uncle Sam’s impending ‘CARES Act’ money-shower be earmarked as a broadly-announced reward for any information leading to the beyond-a-reasonable-doubt identification of any other person or persons responsible for the development, deployment or negligent release of the COVID-19 virus (or conspiracy to develop and/or deploy), and any person with knowledge or reason to have knowledge of such things who has failed to come forward with his or her testimony. I’ll suggest $10 million, just to pick a figure which should ...

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