Leveraging Months of Conditioning into Residual Despotism

http://losthorizons.com/OnShrinkingLeviathan.pdf   AS OF THIS MORNING, THE CDC IS REPORTING 85,990 total deaths from C19 in the USA.  CDC case counts and death counts include both confirmed and probable cases and deaths. How about that?

   And let’s look at the definitions. “Probable” includes cases in which no testing has been done to actually confirm that C19 was even present, much less that it was the cause — or even just among the causes — of a fatality. But that fatality is added to the scary death count anyway.  In fact, these merely “probable” C19 fatalities have actually been being added since March 4...perhaps because we didn’t see quite a satisfactory bounce in the panic-fanning “C19-is-the-PLAGUE!” numbers, which may also explain the re-iteration in the April 5 “position statement” published on the CDC website. 

   So, the frightening figure of 85,990 deaths is NOT the number of actual known C19 fatalities. Instead it includes not only folks who had tested positive for having the disease — which by itself doesn’t mean that they died from it, only that it was present — but also folks for whom there is no evidence that they were infected with C19 at all.


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