Do Black Lives Matter?

   As the BLM anarchist movement, with its protests and riots grows in many of our large cities and some states, I saw that some of those who joined this movement, “Black Lives Matter,” were Muslims.  This caused me to write this article to expose the real reason why Muslims join this crowd  — to bring tyranny and chaos in America.

   In a recent trip to Florida, I met with a conservative group on July 4, 2020 under the kissing statue from WW2 in Sarasota Beach. It was their 7th annual meeting to celebrate the birth of our nation. Around 75 people met there. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Then around 10:00 am, we realized that many vehicles were coming by with weird people getting out of these vehicles. We realized that these were people with the Black Lives Matter group. Many of them were white, dressed in uniform shirts with the words “Black Lives Matter” on them. Some were almost naked, and that is why I called them “weird.” Before the celebration began, I was interviewed by two TV stations. I was surprised at their questions such as: “Why are you here?” I answered that, as an Egyptian who became a US citizen 24 years ago, I was here to celebrate the birthday of our great country, America. Another question that I was asked was: “What do you think of Black Lives Matter?” As I looked around, there were about 100 of them surrounding us. I answered, “Yes, absolu ...

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