Do Black Lives Matter? (Part 3)

   In part 2 of this article, I asked the following questions to be answered in part 3. When was the first black baby born and why? What do the Qur’an and hadith teach about slavery and black people? 

   Muslims claim they believe in the biblical prophets and biblical accounts. Muslims believe in Noah’s story which was copied from the Genesis account, but when we examine such a claim in the Qur’an, we discover an unimaginable amount of nonsense, contradictions, and errors. For example, while the Qur’an declared that Noah had one son who drowned with his mother (Noah’s wife), Muslim scholars contradict that story by listing the name “Ham” to be a son of Noah, in order to match the biblical account, even though the Qur’an never mentioned his name. When we read about this fabrication, as I reported in my book, Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an, Vol 1, page 77, we learn about the first black baby. According to Muslim scholar Ibn Kathir:  “It was said that Ham had sexual relations with his wife on the ship. Noah cursed him and called on Allah to cause his child to be disfigured. As a result, Ham’s wife had a black child who was named Canaan, son of Ham, the grandfather of the Sudanese people.”

   Why did Noah curse his son?  Who was this son? Muslim scholars give us the wrong name and wrong reasons that Ham had a black son as a result ...

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