A Deadly Sweetener You Should Never Use

   Almost 20 years ago, I was contacted by the maker of aspartame to stop speaking badly about their product.  I didn’t stop!   Now the whole world who reads, cares about their health and is educated, no longer drinks or eats products made with aspartame or “Equal,” also known as “NutraSweet.”  It causes brain cancer, memory loss and blindness. This list of side effects goes on and on.  There is a great deal of solid information on this topic.

   But this article today is not about aspartame, it’s about Sucralose also known as “Splenda.”

   Before I get started I need to share with you some of my observations.

   Why is it that the FDA suppresses the use of vitamins and their research?

   Why is it that the FDA allows poisonous drugs like Statins to be on the market?

   Why is it that the FDA, EPA and other government agencies have turned a blind eye to the globalists doing global atmospheric engineering using aluminum, barium and strontium as reflective agents being sprayed into the atmosphere to supposedly combat “global warming?”

   By the way, I had my rain water tested twice.  It contains barium and aluminum.  Rain water is supposed to be pure like distilled water. The only way minerals are present in rainwater is if they hav ...

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