A Disaster of Epic Proportions

   What happens to the Second Amendment if the far left takes the presidency and many other elective offices in this year’s election?  Call it a disaster of epic proportions for gun rights.

   The potential implications, fallout and unintended consequences of an all-out attack on the Second Amendment number into the hundreds.  For the sake of brevity, here are 10 possible and even likely moves to watch for.  

   1). Gun bans: Handguns and semi-automatic rifles (deliberately mislabeled as “assault weapons” by American Marxists) are at the top of the leftist hit list.  Look no further than S.66, the “Assault Weapon Ban of 2019” to see a preview of what could be a coming horror show.  This hellish proposal was authored by (surprise!)  Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and co-sponsored by 34 Democratic control freaks.  Similar proposals are surely waiting to be introduced in a heartbeat.

   Federal gun laws serve as a framework of sorts.  States can — and often do — have more draconian regulations than the national standard.  Socialist sewage pits such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California could all but ban firearms ownership.  If the gun grabbers don’t get everything they want, severe limits on magazine capacity could be imposed.  Look no further than Canada’s five-round limi ...

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