Getting and Staying Healthy

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   I only discovered this paper a little over 3 months ago.  I was so impressed with that first issue I immediately subscribed so I wouldn’t miss another copy.

   A couple of months ago, I sent in an article, where I tried to get readers to think.  I wanted to make you aware of the fact, that all they teach in school, is “remembering.”  Complete your lesson, remember it, we’ll test you and if you remembered really well, then we’ll give you a paper that says you are smart.  But that only proves you are a good rememberer.  You have been programmed, just the way they planned it.  You didn’t “think” one little bit if what you remembered was true, so start now, and “think” about it.  It may seem strange, but just try it, the more you practice, the more you’ll enjoy it.

   Now, let’s apply this “thinking” to your health.  When does your doctor make money?  When you’re ill, in case you didn’t think about it!  So, your doctors spent a lot of time and money getting to where they are.  I covered much of this before.  Here’s an example of what the AMA is all about.  In the late ‘50s or early ‘60s, Congress held meetings about why so much money was being spent on cancer research, and noth ...

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