All Other Ground is Sinking Sand

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   I do support the constitution of the US though not really any “party.”

   I feel the weight of it.  3:00 am, November 6, and there is a chance that we might be facing a Biden Presidency, that would not likely uphold the constitution, though it is equally clear that the fraud is rampant. Here in Wisconsin, seven precincts in the Milwaukee area had a 200% turnout, despite protests that to suspect fraud is insulting. 

   We have also seen ballots tossed on the roadside in Outagamie County so we see the involvement of Postal Service workers as likely. 

   It is the same all over. President Trump has spoken in a very subdued manner, recounting the process as it has played out, stating that we cannot let this fraud stand for the benefit of the nation, for our future, regardless of which political party or person “wins.”  Sydney Power has said that a software program was used to electronically change votes. Lawsuits are in progress. Others say specifically that it is the HAMMER program that has been modified to change votes, which no amount of poll watching would prevent. Mail in ballots are said to have been marked to be able to discern the difference between phony and real since a nation-wide effort was made in 2018 to do so. Yet the complicit media marches on: if they lie often enough, ...

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