Much Has Been Revealed

   At this time last year, I was in the midst of preparing and planning for our 2020 Ministry Expo and Conference, which we held in March, the theme of which was “2020 Vision.”  It was my hope that our Conference would help attendees to catch the “vision” of what God’s remnant Church of believers could accomplish for the Kingdom if they would summon the courage to step out of the worn-out paradigm of “churchianity” and become true salt and light in this dark world.  None of us had any idea, though, just how our faith would be tested this year and just how much would be exposed, so quickly, in so many areas.
   Our Conference was held the second weekend of March — Friday evening and all day Saturday.  We were to begin at 5 pm Friday, in a public shopping mall, where we’ve always held our events, for the past 20 years.   But earlier in the week, I began to get phone calls — LOTS of phone calls — from people planning to come to the Conference, wondering if we were still going to be holding it.  The “coronavirus” scare had started.  I assured them, there was no way we would cancel.  We had speakers flying in and driving in from all parts of the country, and all the preparations were in place.  There was no cancelling our event.

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