Smoking or Non-Smoking?

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   Robert Morris, Pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, Texas, tells the story about another pastor — let’s call him John — who in his younger years, decided to commit suicide.  John was heavy into the party scene and being stoned one night, decided to end his miserable existence.  Going to his kitchen stove, he turned on the oven and stuck his head inside.  Alas, it was an electric stove and the oven soon became very hot. Remembering Bible stories about what hell would be like, he quickly pulled his head from the oven and immediately gave his life to Jesus. The next night when his friends came over to party, John told them, “I don’t drink anymore.  I got saved.”  One of His friends asked, “How do you get saved? I’d like to get saved.” John said, ”Come over here. Put your head in this oven. Feel that heat? You wanna go to Hell? No? Then pray this prayer: “Lord Jesus. Come into my heart...” John led his friend to the Lord and continues leading others to Christ as a pastor.

   Stories like this always touch my heart.  No matter how lost a sinner may be, God finds a way to bring that sinner out of the darkness into His saving light. He used the oven of an electric stove to rescue John and his friend. For me, the gift of salvation was delivered through a friend after a round of golf ...

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