It’s Not About ‘Equality,’ It’s About Destroying America

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

    The destruction of our country since January 20th has been nothing short of breathtaking.  From the gutting of our Constitution to total disregard of our immigration laws to destroying our energy independence (has anyone bought gas recently?), our country is reeling from the misguided policies of the new administration.  However, the greatest threat to our sovereignty and religious freedom is HR5, the so-called “Equality Act.”

   HR5 is the greatest assault on the First Amendment in this nation’s history.   It revokes the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act of 1993.  It pushes the liberal, progressive LGBTQ and abortion agendas into our homes, schools and churches, forcing us all to bow the knee to sexual perversion while our constitutionally protected religious freedom is trampled in the rush to normalize deviancy that ultimately hurts people and all of society.  If a person or organization disagrees or is even perceived to be at odds with this radical agenda, the fines and punishment will be oppressive.
   This bill also adds “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the list of protected categories in existing federal anti-discrimination laws.  Why is that important?  Teachers cannot refer to students by their biological pronouns.  Women in battered women’s shelters would have to co-habitat with men.  Churches and schools will be unable to keep boys or men out of girls’ or women’s locker rooms, dormitories, showers or sports teams.  So much for all the gains women have made in sports with Title IX.

   If you doubt the anti-Christian fervor of this administration, the Secular Democrats of America have laid out a blueprint for the Biden administration to follow.  Simply stated, it wants to cancel Christianity by the following practices:

1).  Drop God from the Pledge of Allegiance and our national motto.

2).  End government partnerships with faith-based groups, including hospitals.

3).  Abolish conscience rights.

4).  Cancel contracts with religious adoption and foster care centers.

5).  Forbid the mention of religion or God in federal buildings and offices.

6).  Ban pastors from speaking on culture issues.

7).  Nominate judges that would put secularism ahead of any legitimate First Amendment grievances.

8).  Force government officials to check their faith at the door of public service.

   When debating HR5, Jerry Nadler stated “God’s will is no concern of this Congress.”  Please reread that statement and understand what he is saying.  America has abandoned God and repudiated this nation’s history.  He might speak for Congress but he sure does not speak for me.

   Dr. Ben Carson is a voice of reason in the insanity of today’s politics.  He’s right when he says that Christians must stand up and be heard.  Our most important freedom is on the chopping block.  We need to use our sphere of influence in a positive way to begin to help people realize that there is a better way.  Now is not the time for cowardice and fear.  We cannot be the land of the free of we are not the home of the brave. 2 Timothy 1: 7-8,  “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of prudence.  Do not, therefore be ashamed of testimony for our Lord.”

-Pamela Jaffke, Owen, Wisconsin

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