This is What I've Learned... From A Mule Named 'Roy!'

Complimentary Story
   Well, as an old retired parson, I’ve gone from feeding God’s flock on Sundays, to feeding four horses and a mule named “Roy” in the mornin’s here in Montana, and I’m enjoying it.

   Now over the years of my pastoral life, I’ve tended to some folks who were pretty tuff sheep, along with a few goats, and occasionally dealt with some stubborn mules as well.

   I had a great uncle get kicked in the head by a mule, who lost an eye and was disfigured for life…so I know you’ve got to be careful whenever you’re around a mule. But I’ve learned how to deal with some critters who can, from time to time,  display an ornery disposition, and how to be patient with them.

   By recognizing a true statement that a dearly departed old friend of mine once shared with me, who said, “Layton, when someone shows you who they are…believe them.”

   Now, it’s never been my job to try to correct the nature of any of God’s creatures, because that’s His job, and I figured out a long time ago that He doesn’t need my help. So if you’re dealing with a stubborn ol’ Roy in your life, just remember it not your job to get the hee-haw out of ‘em, it’s God’s. And that it might be in your best interest to mind your own disposition, and not only theirs.

   For the Bible says, “Don’t be ornery like a horse or mule that needs bit and bridle to stay on track.” Psalm 32:9 (The Message).

   This is Layton Howerton encouraging you to be patient and kind to God’s creatures, who have ornery dispositions…even when they’re actin’ like, an “unmitigated mule” along the way.

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