Why Are You Not Thinking For Yourself?

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

       Why are you not thinking for yourself?  Why are you following everyone else, when it really doesn’t make sense?  Why are you acting like a child, a toddler?  Whatever happened to your knowledge of Critical Thinking 101?

   This is what many parents are saying to their college students today.  Family members are finding relatives taking unreasonable stances on issues of political nature.  Joining dangerous groups and taking dangerous and ridiculous sides to issues, they march in the streets of our cities.  There is no really good argument for their position.  They just do and believe as their peers do.  They have lost all knowledge of Critical Thinking 101, so have not come to a logical conclusion!

   This needs to change to get our country back.  We need to get our young people to think for themselves and not just go with the crowd.  
   Just recently on the news, a church was invaded by an angry man, who shot many of this congregation at a church in Texas.  What’s the first thing “the left” wanted to do?  “Take away guns for all,” not considering that a man who had a gun nearby stopped the gunman or there would have been a lot more killed.  The gunman was not supposed to be carrying a gun.  Instead of looking at why this gunman had a gun, they wanted to promote their own agenda.  

   I know that the Bible says “in the Last Days, they will call EVIL, Good and Good, Evil.”  Young people will be confused.  My grandson, who is twenty, said the other day, “I feel like going into Cal. State University of Berkley and say, ‘I am a transvestite, homosexual, black, Moslem terrorist.  My grades are low, but can I enter your college?’  I bet they’d let me.  My grades won’t matter.”  That is a young man who is frustrated.  How we wish there would be sensible thinking today! 

   When I took Critical Thinking 101, I had to read or write two complete sentences with two complete thoughts and then arrive at a conclusion as to what conclusion I could surmise from those two sentences.  The conclusion, the 3rd sentence, had to make sense.  If it didn’t, you would get it wrong.  It was a logical decision.  I don’t think I see this course anymore anywhere, not in high school or college.

   In closing don’t give up!  Teach Critical Thinking to your children and grandchildren.  Let others know what you know.  Don’t be going with the crowd, when you know it is wrong.  

   Let’s do our best for each — individually promote “good thinking” and reasonable logic!  If not, we may see our country disappear to a government we will not be happy with and we may see the Bible teachings down the tube!  Prayer will be vital to save our country, too.  God bless America.

-Carol Meek, Conford, California

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