Real Science Does Not Back COVID-19 Claims

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

  For the last year, we have been bombarded with a massive, non-stop wave of propaganda about the coronavirus and yet there has been virtually no public debate on the merits of the claims by government, the medical establishment and the media. It has been a totally one-side blitz of exaggeration, misinformation and lies. Any opposition voices are quickly silenced by censorship on social media. Why not debate the claims?

   Because none of these mainstream claims can be backed up by reliable science. All of the data presented by government and the media is falsified and/or exaggerated. The only thing that is true in the entire crisis is that there exists a new version of the coronavirus that does cause severe and sometimes deadly respiratory blood clotting in the lungs of those with certain chronic diseases. 

   The testing is bogus and full of false positives; the danger to normal people is low;  the claim that asymptomatic people are secret carriers of the disease is almost never true; the death rate is highly exaggerated by improperly assigning COVID 19 as the primary cause of death, even to those dying of other diseases; and the claimed remedies like “social distancing,” shutting down businesses, banning gatherings of groups, and wearing masks are preposterous and meant only to intimidate people into being blind sheep, as well as to create permanent damage to the economy.

   What about COVID statistics?  Sen Rand Paul of Kentucky, a physician in training reports: “individuals” need to assess their own risks with regard to the virus.  He added that for “those under 18, the risk of mortality is about one in a million or a little bit less.  For those ages 18 to 45, it’s about 10 out of 100,000 for the mortality.  Under age 45, this disease we’re looking at is less dangerous than the seasonal flu.  Above 45, it’s more dangerous than the seasonal flu.”

   The question needs to be asked. Why are we labeling this as a “deadly pandemic?”  Why are we destroying peoples’ livelihoods, banning our children from face-to-face schools and creating untold stress to families, businesses etc?  Oh! That’s right, it’s for our protection, our health!  Tell that to families, the businesses who have experienced a suicide.

   Think of this: “you can’t enter without a mask” leads to “you can’t enter without a vaccine” leads to “you can’t enter without your ID chip.”

-Linda Kauffeld, Watertown, Wis.

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