Satan's Great Wrath, Because His Time is Short

      Sometimes I find myself envying the uninformed. Being so involved in the news tends to weigh heavily on a person. I get a LOT of news. More than you can imagine. It’s nearly 24/7 from all parts of the globe, from all types of sources. I’ve also made it my life’s ambition to study the Scriptures, and having been given a fair amount of Godly discernment creates the perfect storm for someone like me, because now I know what’s going on in the world, and I also see how all these things fit together into a big picture.  
   My conclusion is that, just as Scripture tells us, Satan is loose in this world. He always has been, but now, all hell is literally breaking loose upon the earth as demonic forces are enjoying free reign like never before. In a world where the Church has retreated and compromised, surrendering to political correctness and guilted into being “tolerant” of all human behavior without judgment or even comment, the Church is no longer the restraining influence it once was. There WAS a time when God’s Church — made up of true, genuine, faithful Christ-followers — represented Him in the world, and being salt and light upon the earth, held back the forces of evil like oil and water.  
   For centuries, the Christian church restrained evil. Even those who were not devout Christians still had their God- ...

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