The 'Controllers'

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

    Do you realize that our whole education system is geared to “remembering?”  Public school, private school, religious and religions are all geared to “remembering.”  No thinking allowed.  We have a little over 200 very rich people who are controlling the world, quite secretively.  Very much satanically.   Probably some of them don’t even know that!  Among them are: Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations, Tri-lateral Commission, and World Economic Forum.

   They were extremely secretive for a long time but now there is even a book about them, naming names, agendas etc.  They are somewhat tied together.  The name of the book is The Controllers.”  If you would like the danger of knowing them, I’ll give you a phone number where you may order the book.  202-544-5977.  It’s published by American Free Press.  One of the smaller groups is, “The Skull and Bones Society.”  You’ll be surprised how many of our past presidents belong to that one!

   It amazes me how well they control this nation, through education, the media, the government and unconstitutional laws.  We hear all the time about things that are unconstitutional, and sometimes we can stop them because of that, but they are never punishe ...

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