Local Media Refuses to Ask the Tough Questions

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

  In a school board election, a local newspaper reported on the candidates.  The soft questions only lead the candidates to express their desire to obtain more monies from the government.

   No hard questions were asked like: (1) Should our city be designated as a sanctuary city?  (2) Do you think that the religion of Islam should be taught in our schools instead of Christianity?  (3) Should our kids be indoctrinated into the LGBTQ+ etc. lifestyles?  (4) Should our kids be taught Civics?  (5) Our Militia (armed citizens) should protect our children while in class at a reasonable distance, do you agree?

   Because of COVID propaganda, the candidates sent their status descriptions etc. by mail. No live questions could be asked.  So the responsibility falls on the local media, or are they snowflakes that melt with a small increase in heat?

   There’s only one way to salvation for those who are willing and able, and that’s to accept all of the “Gospel of your salvation.”

-Dave Stone, Hurley, Wisconsin ...

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