Allah the ‘god’ Who Was (Part 2)

   In our last article, we discovered that Allah, the god of Mohammed, was “knowing, wise” and “relenting, merciful.” Since he “was,” that means he is no longer knowing, wise, relenting, or merciful. Today we will learn more about Allah the god who was “forgiving, merciful.” Let us examine Qur’an 4:23, which is the sharia (Islamic law) concerning marriage. 

   Qur’an 4:23 states:  “Forbidden to you are your mothers and your daughters and your sisters and your paternal aunts and your maternal aunts and the daughters of the brother and the daughters of the sister and your mothers who nursed you (any woman who fed a man at least five times becomes his mother) and your sisters in the breast feedings (any girl who has been breastfed by a man’s mother at least five times becomes his sister) and the mothers of your women (wives) and your step-daughters who are in your laps, born of your women (wives) which you had entered into (had sex with). So if you were not entered into them (not had sex with them), so you are not at fault, and also the wives of your sons who proceed out of your backbone (this is believed to be the origin of man’s sperm ) and two sisters together, except what has passed. Surely Allah was forgiving, merciful.”

   Obviously, this verse was copied from the biblical laws, except that Mohammed added the nonsensical ...

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